Lordís Day 3 Themes and Divisions




The confession of the Church concerning the mystery of sin.


  1. Sin and the formation of man
  2. Sin and the deformation of man
  3. Sin and the reformation of man




By Godís grace wretched sinners become children of God.


  1. The glorious heights of our creation
  2. The terrible depths of our fall
  3. The gracious gift of our restoration


Through the Spirit of Christ the Creator repairs what we broke.


  1. Godís glorious creation
  2. Our perverse fall
  3. The Spiritís renewing work


Christ came to save not the righteous but sinners


  1. How God created us
  2. What we became
  3. How God restores us


W. Bredenhof


We confess our total depravity


  1. Depravityís origin
  2. Depravityís extent
  3. Depravityís solution


R. Bredenhof


The beginning and end of our sin and misery


  1. From the original creation
  2. To the old creation
  3. To the new creation


B. Holwerda


The comfort of Lordís Day 3


  1. How great my sin and misery is
  2. How I am delivered
  3. How I shall be thankful


R. Bremmer


Lordís Day 3 leads us to see who we really are.


  1. It tells us who we were
  2. It tells us who we became
  3. It tells us how we can become something different




Four parties at work in the revelation of our misery


  1. God and his work in creation
  2. Satan and his work in temptation
  3. Man and his work in the fall
  4. The Spirit and his work in regeneration


Through the Holy Spirit we are led to the truth of our misery


  1. In the truth about our creation
  2. In the truth about our sin
  3. In the truth about our inability